Bofb is a Mobile first crypto-currency platform that will offer financial solutions. Our goal is to democratize the access to crypto-currencies and accelerate adoption by improving on current solutions that we believe do not enable mass adoption.

This venture was conceived after it’s founders traded crypto-currencies for years and all agreed that the existing exchanges need to improve the following: [1.] They are all too difficult to use; [2.] Pricing is not clear nor transparent; [3.] Security remains a major threat; [4.] Every exchange we tried had an awful Customer Service.

As a solution, Bofb will be the easiest exchange you've ever used; First time users can trade free for 30 days, and after that, all trades have a 0.33% commission fee. Our mobile application is bullet-proof, and our top priority will be excelling in Customer Satisfaction. In the future we plan to offer financial solutions based on crypto-currencies. If you’re interested in our value proposition, we encourage you to register so that we can let you know when we’re ready to launch!


The Bofb Team

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