The triple "EEE" guarantee: Easiest exchange ever.

BofB [aka bankofbitcoin] is a mobile first exchange that offers cryptographically-based financial solutions. Our goal is to democratize the access to cryptocurrencies and accelerate adoption by improving on current solutions that we believe are the main driver why digital assets are not being adopted massively.

This venture was conceived after its founders traded cryptocurrencies for years and all agreed that the existing exchanges need to improve the following: [1.] They are all too difficult to use; [2.] Pricing is not clear nor transparent; [3.] Security remains a major threat; [4.] Every exchange we tried had an awful customer service experience.

As a solution, [1.] Bofb will be the easiest exchange ever; [2.] First time users can trade free for 30 days, and after that, all trades will have a commission fee of 0.30%; [3.] Our mobile application is bullet-proof; and, [4.] our top priority will be excelling in customer satisfaction. 

In the future we plan to offer a broader range of financial solutions based on cryptocurrencies. 

If you are interested in our value proposition, we encourage you to register so that we can let you know once BofB is ready to launch!


The Bofb Team

April, 2018 - San Francisco Bay Area.

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